Welcome to St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral

Welcome to the official website of the St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Trivandrum, Kerala. The St. Joseph’s Cathedral located at Palayam is an ancient church in India where believers from far and wide flock to receive heavenly blessings.

All mass are in Malayalam if otherwise indicated
St.Joseph’s Cathedral, Palayam
Sunday:5.45am (English),
 7.00 am and 8.45 am (Malayalam),
 10.30 am (English),
  2.30 pm (Hindi),
  3.30 pm (Tamil),
  5.00 pm (Malayalam)
Weekdays : 5.45am, 6.30am, 5.30pm
St.Antony’s Chapel, Alummoodu
Sunday : 8.30am, Tuesday: 5.30pm
Saturday :
Sancta Maria Oldage Home Plamoodu
Sunday : 6.00am 
Weekdays :  6.30am
Kunnukuzhi Chapel
Sunday : 10.30 am
St.Joseph’s HSS Chapel
Sunday : 6.30am 
Weekdays : 6.00am
Jubilee Hospital Chapel
Every day : 6.00am
Fatima Mata Chapel, Vanros Jn Sunday  : 5:30 pm
All Saturdays at 5:30 PM

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പാളയം കത്തീഡ്രല്‍ ദേവാലയത്തിലെ മറക്കാനാവാത്ത ദു:ഖവെള്ളി

               ദുഖ:വെള്ളി, സകല...

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ചിത്രരചനാ മത്സരം

ചിത്രരചനാ മത്സരം നടത്തി        ...

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On the feast  day of Pentecost tiny tots in the parish were introduced to the world of letters...

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Kerala Catholic Youth Movement or KCYM is the official youth movement under Kerala Catholic Bishops Council or KCBC commission for youth. The main aim of KCYM is the Integral Development of the Catholic Youth......

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Documents of religious instruction have been written since the beginning of Christianity and the catechism is typically an assemblage of these smaller documents into one large compilation of Church doctrine and teachings.....